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IPC Media signs up for AdTarget
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Augment your natural search listings with Adfly pages

Adfly pages are automatically generated from the client's product data feed and can be optimised for both PPC and SEO automatically.  We work in conjunction with your SEO experts to give your products the best possible opportunity for high natural search engine ranking.

From natural search...     To your product page...   

Many thousands of optimised Adfly pages can be produced.

  •  Meaningful Page URL's are generated for each page
  •  Pages are designed and branded according to the customer's needs
  •  Every page is searchable from a free-text search box
  • Adzoom™ text links are automatically created for intuitive product navigation

"The Ad Flypages system is an effective way to improve our Natural Search rankings and give our customers an intuitive free-text searching mechanism for  We've seen a huge uplift in the volume of qualified organic search traffic coming to our site and an increase in bookings since we started working with Adprecision."  Mandy Round, General Manager

Latest Flypages

Horse and Hound

You and Your Wedding

Times Online Car Locator

The Independent Holiday Search

Telegraph Holiday Search

Crescent Electronics


Voyager Travel Direct

The Holiday Place

Adfly Benefits


Pages can be optimised for the best natural search results. Adprecision works with your media agency to ensure that using Adfly™ your sites have the best natural search returns.

Matching PPC campaigns

Adprecision can automatically generate matching pay-per-click campaigns for your Adfly™ pages. With your ad-copy closely matching your landing-page text your click quality will be better and Google rankings will be higher

Quick Refresh

The Adfly™  system allows you to refresh the product lines on your site daily, weekly, monthly or on a variable basis, depending on the volatility of your inventory


With Adzoom™ your consumers can instantly navigate your HMTL pages, zooming in and zooming out towards the products of their choice


The Adfly™  system saves your dev team valuable time and allows them full control over the page formats and directory structure

Adfly™  allows you to speed up your response times by offloading your product searches simply and easily to additional servers


With Adfly™  you can quickly and easily distribute your products to your partners in an easy to use HTML or XML format

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